Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Free Flash Lite Thingies

I owe everyone an apology. I promised I will post something new soon. Yet here we are, a couple of months after I made that promise and still no new flash lite stuff. That's life for you.

Anyway, I won't make promises this time. Instead, I added a quick link to all my past free flash lite stuff. See that red bar on top? ^^^^ Yup. Just click on the link and you won't need to dig no more.

Thanks for qwerty908 for the tip. See ya'll.


Łukasz Ciszak said...


My name is Łukasz Ciszak.
I am owner of first Polish Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group.

URL: http://www.flashlite.com.pl

Can I use some articles from your site and translate to Polish?

Sorry for comment but I can't find contact witch you.

Thank you and nice day,
Łukasz Ciszak

rjramones said...

hi mr ciszak. no problem. all i would ask is you cite this blog as the source for every stuff you take. thanks and best of luck :)

zora said...

just wanna say thank you for sharing the flash lite stuff.
i will try it on my SE phone.

btw, if you ever need to know the screen resolution of certain cell phone for your next flash lite project, check this complete list of cell phone screen size.

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