Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TRASHED Flash Lite Clock

Heya. Checkout another one of my Flash Lite 2.0 wallpaper/screen saver over at handango.

Size: 240 x 320
Tested: Nokia 5300
Type: Flash Lite Wallpaper/Screensaver


I'm having a hard time setting up my products at handango. Anyone knows a better site?


3xoDuS said...

hey can u upload it on a free sharing site for eg. sendspace...etc but not megaupload or repidshare..

rjramones said...

sorry. this one is for sale at handango and not for free. if you are referring to other wallpapers, what's the problem with megaupload?

tranzge said...

use megaupload please, all links are expired in handango =(

rjramones said...

Hey tranzge, unfortunately this one ain't free. Try downloading the free ones. Also, I'm working on several new flash lite wallpapers. Will be soon I hope.

B-Mecha said...

hi rjramones, u can try www.voeveo.com for selling your mobile content.

rjramones said...

@B-Mecha, yea that's a good site. I've been looking to make new wallpapers to sell on that site. Thanks for reminding me!

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