Wednesday, August 8, 2007

About Me

Hola. My name is rjramones. A frustrated designer.

Please note that I am just an amateur. Although I took Computer Science in college, I am self taught when it comes to web, graphic, and flash design. I claim no titles, and my works definitely needs improvement. Any feedback will be welcomed.

Feel free to take what you want and do as you will with them. Just don't sell them or something. And I would appreciate it if you will not claim them as your own.

PS. If you find a copyrighted work posted here without proper permission, please be doll and let me know.



[BlocketPC] Marcos said...

Hi Ramones!

Where are you from? Congratulations for your wallpapers and blog's content, it's really cool :)

rjramones said...

Hola Marcos!

Thanks for dropping a line. I'm from the streets of Manila. Check back soon, I'll have more...

robby said...

hi! ive seen the ricardo flashlite, its cool :) i haven't done new mojis lately, hopefully soon :) nice work man! mabuhay! :)


robby said...

hi, ross here, ive seen the ricardo flashlite wallpaper, its cool! nice wallpapers! i haven't done some new mojis lately, hopefully soon :) thanks a lot! mabuhay!


rjramones said...

ei ross..

thanks for dropping by.. mabuhay!!?!

steve said...

Hi Ramones,

I have recently started creating Flash Lite animations and am looking into putting them on Handango. Can you tell me if you can upload the swf file or do you need to create a .sis file first. (I have no idea how to do an .sis conversion).

Also, has Handango been a worthwhile experience for you?

Thanks for your time. Your work looks great for someone who is new to this format.

rjramones said...

hi steve...

thanks for dropping a line.
you just need to upload the swf on handango and a pair of screenshots.
handango has been good so far. i have just a couple of wallpaper on sale, so not much revenue, but i'm getting there :)
i'm looking for a much solid outlet though..


Anonymous said...

hola, the work is good, i m a pharmacist and amateur in flash etc how can i make a flash clock wallpaper ?? my email hauntingbicycle at yahoo dot com

rjramones said...

hola anonymous.
it's pretty easy if you know basic flash. I use CS3 so better get one to get started... just create a flash animation like you always do, but save it as a flash lite file.. mmm.. for better info goto flashlitetutorials. see my list of friends on the sidebar :)

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